The Gospel of Luke – Week 26 – Luke 9:37-45

By March 31, 2020Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 26

Luke 9:37-45

Jesus and A Leaky Faith Bucket

Perhaps you’ve had a mountain-top experience with Jesus – a time where you felt the presence of God, a time where you’ve been reminded how much God loves you, and when he’s invited you to know him better. Those moments are so powerful in affirming our identity and our faith in general. But eventually, we have to get back to real, normal life, and that mountain-top set of feelings starts to fade. The reason is that every one of us has a leaky faith bucket. We require refilling by God, and God designed us to need this. The same was true of the disciples. God knew the disciples would need to remain connected to God in prayer and study of the scriptures as they went about the work of ministry. But while Jesus, James, Peter, and John had been up on the mountain, the other disciples had gotten distracted, or tired, or overwhelmed, and they’d tried to do ministry under their own power, and had been unsuccessful in setting a boy free from demonic possession. As Jesus and the Three returned, the boy’s father comes to Jesus desperate for his help. Jesus uses this situation as an important moment to remind all the disciples of the importance of remaining connected to God through spiritual discipline, just as Jesus himself had to do. Also in this text, we hear Jesus warn his disciples WHY this was important, because as Jesus and the disciples turned now toward Jerusalem, they would face hardship, and he tells them that he himself will be betrayed into human hands. They didn’t yet understand this, but they would later on. Even as we face our own struggles and temptations we, like Jesus and the disciples, need to remain consistently connected to God through spiritual discipline so our faith buckets are refilled by God himself as we follow him. God desires to do this for our good and his glory, and for the mission of the Kingdom.

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