The Ultimate Sacrifice

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Amy is posting over at the Glorious Table this week. Here is her post:

I live in Denver, Colorado. I hope that when you think of Denver, you think of mountains and the beauty of God’s creation. But with the twentieth anniversary of the Columbine shooting recently passing as well as the more recent school shooting in Highlands Ranch, you may also think of danger or brokenness.

The pervasiveness of brokenness here is overwhelming. You likely feel the same about your town or city. Our city needs more Jesus, and we moved here unexpectedly six years ago to plant a church in hopes of doing exactly that—bringing Jesus here.

I don’t understand why shootings, and especially those in schools, continue to happen. I know it’s the presence of sin, but it’s disheartening to think about how children can believe taking the lives of others in a place that should be safe is the next best step. I do think we need wholesale systemic change, but this piece isn’t to get into that debate.

The recent Highlands Ranch shooting occurred less than a mile from the house we lived in during our first two years here. We didn’t personally know anyone who attended the school, but watching the chaos on the news, it felt really close to home. It’s only about twenty miles from our current home, so it really was close to home in a physical sense, not just in an emotional sense.

My heart ached for the teachers and students involved in the incident; for the first responders who put themselves in danger to keep others safe; for the staff who had to empty the rec center we frequented of all the usual visitors in order to mobilize a pickup location for 1,700 students; for all the parents of the children taken to the hospital as well as those who had to wait to learn their child was safe. It was such an incredibly ugly and tragic situation.

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