The Gospel of Luke – Week 8 – Luke 4:31-44

By March 25, 2019Sermons

Jesus Demonstrates His Authority As Messiah

Luke 4:31-44

In this text, Jesus travels to the fishing town of Capernaum to continue preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God. On one particular day, he is confronted by a demon-possessed man. Without flinching, Jesus shows the people in the synagogue that he is the Messiah by commanding the demon to leave. The people are stunned. Not only does Jesus preach with an authority unlike the Jewish religious leaders, he has power over evil, and the people see him use it. Later, Jesus heals Simon’s mother of a life-threatening illness, and the people see this too. Jesus wasn’t performing magic tricks. He was demonstrating his authority over evil and illness, doing what he’d promised…to set captives free, heal the sick, and comfort the poor. Jesus was no simple teacher, not merely a great prophet. Rather, Jesus was the Son of God, the Holy One. This is the Jesus that we follow and serve! In his ministry, we learn about the realities of the here-and-now realities of the Kingdom of God!

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