The Gospel of Luke – Week 7 – Luke 4:14-30

By March 10, 2019Sermons

Jesus Goes Home (and almost gets thrown off a cliff)

Luke 4:14-30

Do you ever feel like the people who should know you best just don’t “get” you? Well, this was Jesus experience when he returned to his home town of Nazareth. Jesus remained resolute to obey the will of God, and was faithful to the message of repentance, but the people he’d grown up with didn’t want to hear it. In their eyes, Jesus was the know-nothing son of a carpenter. What right did he have to confront them? The gospel of Jesus brings us peace and hope, but it first confronts our hearts to line up with the will of God. As Jesus remained grounded in the leading of the Spirit, the Word of God, and his identity as God’s well loved Son, he was able to stand up and do the difficult work God had asked him to do. We can do exactly the same in our own world!

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