The Gospel of Luke – Week 6 – Luke 3:21-4:13

By February 24, 2019Sermons

The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus

Luke 3:21-4:13

How does God relate to man? He sends a son who become fully human while also remaing fully divine to live a life among his people. In Jesus baptism, we see God the Father affirm Jesus identity as Messiah, and then empower him with the Holy Spirit to do the work God had planned. Jesus then goes and faces real temptation in the wilderness. He does so as he is fasting and praying, showing us that reliance on the leading and power of the Spirit isn’t just a suggestion for the Christian, but an absolute necessity! In the temptations, we see Jesus rely on the Spirit and word of God to resist, and to rebuke the lies Satan was telling. In this teaching, learn how you can do the same!

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