The Gospel of Luke – Week 5 – Luke 3:1-20

By February 10, 2019Sermons

John The Baptist Prepares The Way

Luke 3:1-20

Similar to how tilling, pulling weeds, and watering prepares the ground for seed, John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus, the messiah, to begin his ministry. John didn’t just decide to do this on his own. The prophet Isaiah had said hundreds of years before that there would be a man who would do exactly what John did. John’s message was challenging to Jews who thought they had God all figured out. He called them to a life of repentance and humility as God’s people, just as Jesus would later do. John taught that a life following God would produce fruit growing up out of humility and love, not pride, wealth, or status. Jesus would later teach the same. The good news of the gospel is that it is not a “fix myself and try harder” program. Instead, it is a “give myself to Jesus and he’ll change me from the inside out” program!

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