The Gospel of Luke – Week 31 – Jesus Teaches About Demons: Battling Evil With Good

The Gospel of Luke – Week 31

Luke 11:14-28

Jesus Teaches About Demons: Battling Evil With Good

This text comes to us in the middle of a time of fear, change, upheaval, injustice, and illness that we have not seen so clearly all at once for some time. The people of Jesus’ day had many struggles of their own, one of which was the presence of and possession by demonic powers. Up to this point, Jesus had delivered a number of people from demonic oppression, but he takes the time in this text to talk and teach about it specifically. Whether or not you believe that demons can still possess people, Scripture makes clear that demonic oppression and influence is a reality. Through the Spirit of God, Christians have the ability to combat this influence. Evil is present in our world, and it is easy to see. It would be easy to very quickly make a list of 100 things that are not the way God intended for the world to be. As followers of Jesus, you and I are called to stand up to and to combat the evil and injustice we see in the world. Take a few minutes and listen to the message on this text that God gave to Amy Madron for us to hear!

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