The Gospel of Luke – Week 27 – Luke 9:46-62

By March 31, 2020Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 27

Luke 9:46-62

Jesus The Patient Disciple Maker


There is a theme that we’ll notice in today’s text as well as numerous others: Discipleship to Jesus is a life-long process, and there will be bumps and failures along the way. In this particular text, we see three examples of the disciples failing to understand the nature of the God’s Kingdom and their role in it, and they fail in pretty dramatic ways! They get into a public debate about who should be in charge next to Jesus. They try to forbid someone outside their circle from doing healing ministry. They ask Jesus if they can take revenge on a village that offends them by calling fire down from heaven. In a very short time, they demonstrate repeatedly that even though they’ve spent months with Jesus in person, even though they’ve heard him teach and perform miracles, they still struggle to understand what it means to live and love like Jesus does. And Jesus, in response, corrects them, but rather than belittling them or talking down to them, he leads them back to following him more closely. Jesus is the unfailingly patient disciple-maker. And just as he did with the disciples and so many others, he invites us to follow him into a lifetime of transformation and submission and practice of the ways of God’s Kingdom. This lesson gives us an opportunity to examine where we struggle to align with Jesus’ call to live and love like he does.

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