The Gospel of Luke – Week 23 – Luke 8:40-56

By January 20, 2020Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 23

Luke 8:40-56

Jesus, A Dead Girl, And A Sick Woman


As we start 2020, the new year is often a time for reflection and recommitment to how we want to live, and perhaps also, what we want to change. Today’s text shows us two examples of healing. In one case, a woman is healed of a malady that has plagued her for 12 years. In another case, a girl who is sick and has died is brought back to life. In both cases, Jesus wades right into the middle of people’s messy and difficult situations, defying convention and religious taboo. In just this chapter (Luke 8), we see Jesus demonstrate absolute mastery over nature, over sickness, and over death. We also see him deal with the hurting and estranged with kindness and deep compassion. From this story and many others we see that Jesus is in the business of both redemption and resurrection. His desire is not only to have us come to him in repentance so we can be forgiven for the life to come, but he also desires to bring us healing and wholeness in this life. He desires this for each of us! Listen to this and see what Jesus might desire to healĀ  in your life.

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