The Gospel Of Luke – Week 22 – Luke 8:22-39

By December 10, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 22

Luke 8:22-39

Jesus, A Big Storm, And A Demon-Possessed Man

In today’s text, we look at two stories where Jesus demonstrates exactly who he is as the Messiah. In both situations, Jesus demonstrates total confidence and trust in his Father. The text doesn’t say that Jesus felt no emotions like fear or concern. Rather, his overriding confidence is in the power and goodness of God. In the first instance, Jesus demonstrates total mastery over nature as he not only causes a storm to cease, but for immediate calm to preside where moments before the disciples were afraid they were going to die. After the storm, Jesus finishes crossing the Sea of Galillee in order to free a man from demonic possession. The man had been terrorizing the town and region where he was from, and in mere moments, Jesus demonstrates mastery over Satanic influence, as he sets the man free, and blesses a Gentile city (a city who did not know about God) from this demonic oppression. He does this so that the man can experience freedom and peace, but also so that the man could be a witness to the goodness of God in a place where God was not known. Jesus doesn’t do anything by accident, and while he is compassionate and kind in these stories, he also shows that he is nothing other than the very Son of the Most High God!

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