The Gospel Of Luke – Week 21 – Luke 8:16-21

By November 25, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 21

Luke 8:16-21

A Parable About Light And Jesus Family Visits


In this text, Jesus uses yet another parable (a word picture alongside a Gospel truth) to illustrate the need for those who follow him to share the light of the Gospel with others. Like the children’s song says, we are to “let our light shine”. He says that it simply doesn’t make sense for someone who has a light or a lantern to cover it over with something that blocks the light, keeping the light from shining and illuminating a dark room. Similarly, when we understand both the gift and the gravity of the gospel, we will want to put that light out front and center for all to see and experience. What do we do with any kind of truly good news? We live in light of that truth, and we joyfully share it so others can experience it too. This is our calling as followers of Jesus!

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