The Gospel of Luke – Week 20 – Luke 8:1-15

By November 19, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 20

Luke 8:1-15

Jesus, Women, And Some Instructions On Farming

In today’s text, Luke 8:1-15, Jesus is traveling with his disciples and as he explains in the first couple of verses, a small group of women whose lives have been totally transformed and redeemed by Jesus in the preceding months, who are now traveling with him, supporting him and the disciples as the ministry moves along. Jesus encounters a crowd and tells a story about farming 4 different types of soil, 3 of which fail to have the seed of the gospel take root and produce fruit, and one that does grow and produce fruit. This is one of several parables that Jesus will use to make clear his message of true salvation being connected to fruit being produced in the human heart and life as a result of knowing and living like Jesus. This is also the first of several messages where he will make clear that there is a stark difference between knowing about God versus really and actually knowing him. What he will make clear by use of this parable is that a fruitful life is a Christ-shaped life. Check it out!

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