The Gospel of Luke – Week 19 – Luke 7:36-50

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The Gospel of Luke – Week 19

Luke 7:36-50

Jesus Anointed By A Sinful Woman

In this text, Jesus shares a meal with some Pharisees, and during the meal a “sinful woman” (a prostitute) comes in, and in her broken and hurting situation, recognizes Jesus as messiah. Interrupting the meal, she falls on her face in sobbing tears, and washes Jesus feet with her hair. Jesus tells her, in another claim to his being the Son of God, that her sins are forgiven. The religious leaders in the room are shocked and disgusted that this supposed prophet of God would allow “this type of woman” to touch him, and just as stunned that this prophet would have the gall to declare that he is able to forgive sin since that, in their minds, was sheerly the domain of Jehovah.

Jesus was no ordinary prophet or teacher. He was the one and only Son of God, and in this account we see yet another example of how Jesus loves those on the Fringe – those who feel unloved by society, those who are shunned, and those who feel that their sins exclude them from God. God doesn’t love us on the basis of how short our list of sins are or how well we perform. He loves us purely and simply on the basis of the work of Jesus.

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