The Gospel of Luke – Week 18 – Luke 7:18-35

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The Gospel of Luke – Week 18

Luke 7:18-35

Jesus And The Doubt Of John The Baptist

John The Baptist, who had been sent as a prophet to declare the coming of the Messiah, the same John who baptized Jesus has been imprisoned for some time (Luke 3:18-20), and sends two of his followers to ask Jesus if he was actually the messiah, or if they should be looking for someone else. Why would John ask this? John is experiencing hardship that he cannot explain, and doesn’t understand why God or his messiah would leave him stuck in this situation.

Why does Luke include this seemingly strange story in his account of the Gospel? Because we will all encounter times and situations where we or others are struggling in ways that defy our understanding, and cause us to doubt or question why God is doing things the way he’s doing them. If John the Baptist can struggle with doubt, so can we. But in those moments, we, like John, will have to decide if we are going to continue seeking God in the middle of our hurt or doubt, or if we will give up and look elsewhere for hope, comfort, or peace. Job Mothiba, a writer and preacher, comments profoundly on this passage:

“There is no room in your mind for both worry and faith to exist at the same time. You must decide which one will live there. They both require the same amount of energy but yield two different outcomes. One steals your joy, while the other seals it.

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