The Gospel of Luke – Week 16 – Luke 7:1-10

By September 16, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 16

Luke 7:1-10

Jesus and the Profound Faith of a Centurion

We all believe in gravity. It’s not something we wake up many mornings contemplating: “Am I going to float away when I swing my legs off the side of this bed?” We don’t think about it because for all the days we’ve been alive we know it exists and exerts its force and influence on everything we do in our day. We behave and make choices dependent on gravity to remain constant and do what it does. While there are differences, faith in God can and should be the same way. Our faith in God should be consistent and our actions as believers should reflect the reality of our belief. In other words, our lives should reflect a lifestyle of faith in God, and our actions and choices should be in line with who God says he is, and who he has called us to be. In today’s text, a Roman Centurion who is also a convert to Judaism shows us what it is like to live out our faith in both humble and bold ways as he seeks Jesus’s help to heal a household servant who is near death. This man has significant power and influence as a Roman officer, but his faith in Jesus shows a deep reverence for the messiah, and a profound faith in Jesus as the son of God to heal his friend. The question we deal with in relation to this story is what our faith looks and feels like to us, and how it shapes the way we live. Is our faith firm, humble, and also bold and courageous?

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