The Gospel of Luke – Week 15 – Luke 6:37-49

By August 28, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 15

Upside-Down Inside-Out Part 3: Rapid Fire Parables

Luke 6:37-49

Throughout this chapter of Luke’s gospel Jesus has been building on a theme. That theme is that in bringing the Kingdom of God as a reality in the earth, the citizens of that Kingdom – those who follow and love God – will be being changed from the inside out, and as a result will begin to live in upside-down kinds of ways. It is a contrast of the ways of the world versus the ways of God.

In this text, Jesus continues upon this theme by telling a series of rapid-fire parables, a series of real-life stories using images and experiences that everyone can easily understand. He does this in order to draw out clear spiritual insights for the people who are listening to him teach, particularly his disciples. Through these stories he is continuing to describe what kind of heart people who love and follow God will have, AND how they will begin to live in light of what God is already doing inside of them.

Jesus closes the chapter by describing what life should be like for someone whose life is built upon and resting upon the truth, power, and presence of God, and contrast that with those who build their lives on the things of this world. In today’s teaching time, I showed a video of Brian “Head” Welch’s testimony of just this experience which was recorded by I AM SECOND. The audio didn’t pick this up very well, so I am including a link to our teaching, as well as a separate link to Brian’s I AM SECOND video in case you’d like to listen to that separately.



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