The Gospel of Luke – Week 13 – Luke 6:12-26

By June 24, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 13

Luke 6:12-26

Upside Down, Inside Out Part 1

When you’re trying to start a new movement or organization, who would you normally choose to be on that starting team? Normally you’d pick the best and brightest, the strongest and smartest, the most well-known or the best-connected. In this text, Jesus chooses 12 apostles, his special messengers, who would apprentice under him during his minsitry, and who he would later send out to start the church and take the news of the gospel to all of the known world. But the 12 he chose were stunningly average, if not actually below average. Skeptics, fishermen, tax-collectors, a hothead zealot, even a guy who would eventually betray him. And he did it at his Father’s leading! Jesus ministry was upside down from anything anyone would have predicted and it was because he was doing and inside-out work in people hearts, starting with these 12. Jesus does the same today, with us, in our world. He takes normal (even sometimes obtuse or seemingly failed) people, and he uses them and transforms them because that is precisely the business that Jesus is in!

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