The Gospel Of Luke – Week 12 – Luke 6:1-11

By June 9, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 12

Luke 6:1-11

Jesus Is The Lord Of The Sabbath

A primary purpose of Luke’s gospel is to tell the story of who Jesus is, and more specifically, who JESUS says he is. Jesus claim over and over is that he is the messiah, the one the prophets were pointing to. Jesus, as Messiah, is bringing into reality the Kingdom of God, and as part of this new kingdom, some old things will change or be challenged. Such is the case in today’s text. Jesus declares himself “Lord of the Sabbath”, another role of authority in God’s Kingdom, and the Pharisees (as usual) are very upset at such a declaration. In spite of their upset, Jesus not only says it but proves it by way of yet another miracle, this time in the presence of the Pharisees. The “Lord of the Sabbath” does good on the Sabbath because that is the purpose of the Sabbath. In today’s text we’ll explore this story and see what a critical role the sabbath – a set aside day or period of time to worship and honor God – still has for us today.

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