The Gospel of Luke – Week 11 – Luke 5:27-38

By May 28, 2019Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 11 – Luke 5:27-38

Jesus And A Tax Collector

Throughout this series we have seen Jesus demonstrate and teach about various aspects of the Kingdom of God intersecting life on earth. It looks like people being set free, people being healed, people finding wholeness in Christ. In today’s text, Jesus brings the reality of the Kingdom of God to bear on a tax collector, one of the most reviled people in their society. Jesus calls Levi, a tax collector and cheat, to be one of his disciples. Levi, who is then given the new name Matthew, which means “Gift of God”, goes on to follow Jesus as a foremost witness of the Messiah to the people of his generation. Jesus calls Matthew to start living a new kind of life – a life that reflects the realities of the gospel in the everyday things of life.  Jesus calls people, Jesus calls US, to a life of transformation and remaking, and he shows what this looks like in the life of Levi.

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