Our Missional Communities are really the heartbeat of our church. This is where small groups of people connect to live life together. The gatherings are weekly, but the aim is to spend the time connecting on how our mission as Christians can be lived out throughout the week. What neighbors did we connect with? Who did we get to share the love of Christ with? Who asked a great question about a verse that we couldn’t answer? Who got to see us screw up and how did we apologize and mend the situation? What are we struggling with? How is God using us together to reach the world around us in ways that we couldn’t do without each other?

Madron Missional Community

The Madron Missional Community meets every Monday starting at 6pm at 6420 Brentwood St, Arvada, 80004. Join them for a meal to find out more about life at Fringe Church!

Wiebe Missional Community

Details Coming Soon