The Gospel of Luke – Week 30 – Jesus Rearranges Priorities And Perspectives

By May 12, 2020Sermons

The Gospel of Luke – Week 30

Luke 10:38-42

Jesus Rearranges Priorities And Perspectives


As Jesus continues his journey that will end in Jerusalem, he and the disciples pass through the town of Bethany. One of the residents there, a woman named Martha, invites them to her house before he moves along. In this text, Martha and her sister Mary find themselves the hosts of the Messiah, but the two women make very different decisions about how to spend the time with Jesus. Martha stays busy with tasks, and upon seeing Mary sitting at Jesus feet listening and talking, she becomes upset that no one is helping her with the chores. Jesus gently tells Martha that Mary is truly doing what is most important.

It would be easy to see this text as a little sidebar in Luke’s gospel, but if you dig a little deeper, you see a confrontation against busyness, a reprioritization of relationships over tasks. You also see Jesus confronting the norms around gender and gender roles as it pertains to the Kingdom of God. Here, Jesus challenges hundreds of years of taboo about what it means to be a woman who loves and serves God. As we consider this part of Luke’s gospel, we see that we have the same issues in our culture, our homes, and our churches. Take a few minutes to listen!

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