Introduction to the Book of James

By June 5, 2017Sermons

James, the half-brother of Jesus, wrote a letter to the scattered Christians in the years that followed the resurrection. Having grown up with Jesus, James was a first-hand witness to the validity of Jesus as both fully human and fully God, and he preached and wrote with boldness. The driving thrust of his writing was to commend Christians to become mature in their faith. He experienced much hardship in his life, and he’d watched the faith of his brother Jesus as he was obedient to his father. This first lesson includes an introduction to the life and person of James, and covers James 1:1-18. As such, it is a little longer than normal, but take the time. These first verses of James’s writing are practical and essential to what it means to follow Jesus in faith, growing and maturing, and gaining endurance as we are fed by the things of God.

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