How to Respond When Our Children Are Hurt

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Amy posted over at the Glorious Table again this week. Her post is below – enjoy!

I recently experienced a situation that both broke my heart as a momma and grew me as a daughter of Christ. At my son’s fifth birthday party, one of the kids who was a guest got frustrated, tried to break one of my son’s birthday toys, and then told him he was going to kill him.

Does that invoke momma bear feelings in you like it did me? I ran into the room just as this had happened. My son was in tears, and I was immediately heartbroken that he had experienced such a wound at his party. Of course I felt protective and hurt—both for me and for him. The mother of the other boy had taken him from the room and was addressing his behavior, so I was free to focus on Nathan. I sat him down on my lap in the old wooden rocking chair where we’ve rocked many times. I gave him a minute to tell me what happened, and then what happened next was all God’s precious Spirit and nothing of me.

What I wanted to do was wallow in the hurt and let it fester in both me and my son. I wanted to be upset with the boy for saying what he did. I might have even said something in my hurt that would have wounded his mother. But God’s sweet Spirit was quick to remind me: You have said ugly things too. And you haven’t always had the excuse of being five when you said them.

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