Headaches, Babies and Trusting God

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I love babies, and I love a good birth story. I’m also one of those women who actually loves being pregnant (I know, please don’t hate me). In my young married years, I couldn’t wait to start a family. But I also used to tell people my middle name was “epidural,” and that I’d be screaming that word the second I crossed the hospital threshold. But as he often does, God had different plans.

I was diagnosed in 2001 with chronic daily headaches. I woke up one day with a headache, and it simply didn’t go away. Some days it would be at a migraine level. Other days I could function and almost pretend it wasn’t there. But for six years, I suffered. My husband suffered. I eventually had a spinal tap in hopes of diagnosing the cause, and I had a severe and adverse reaction to the procedure that resulted in excruciating back pain. Keep in mind that I was already a chronic pain patient at this point, so my tolerance level had adjusted. But I was miserable. And the dreaded spinal tap needle? It was the same size as the one used for the epidural, and it was used in the same place. I quickly determined there would be no more needles in my back.

The headaches continued as we started our family, and I began researching natural childbirth. I was determined I could get through labor without a needle. With my two daughters, I did. And graciously, God saw fit to relieve me of the never-ending headaches between their births. I couldn’t have been more grateful, and I am grateful still.

I’m an answers girl. I’m logical. I like to know the reasons for things. I knew God must be trying to teach me something through the headaches, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what. Many times I prayed, asking that he wouldn’t just take them away gradually but that he’d take them away quickly so I could go around screaming, “God took my headaches away!” He didn’t do that. They slowly and gradually, but finally, went away.

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