Gospel of Luke – Week 33 – Jesus Warns Of Six Sorrows

The Gospel of Luke – Week 33

Luke 11:37-54

Jesus Warns Of Six Sorrows

For all of history, there has been a human tendency to try to do good things in order to impress God, to attempt to earn his love or favor. Worse yet, there are many who believe if they do good things or avoid doing the really bad things that God owes them forgiveness, blessing, or salvation. This was the case for many in Jesus day, and Jesus stood against this mentality throughout his ministry. Two groups he repeatedly had disagreements with were the Pharisees and the Jewish Law experts. In today’s text, Jesus was invited to a dinner party by a Pharisee and a number of his colleagues, and as he did previously, he challenges and confronts these well-educated religious experts in what it looks like to actually love God and love people. Unfortunately, their religious checklists as well as their pride, wealth, and position are in the way of repentance. They fail to really hear the message Jesus is trying to deliver, and in anger and disdain begin to plan how they can get rid of Jesus. Jesus’ desire for us is to be free to love like he did because our hearts are being changed by the power of God. Take a few minutes to listen and see if there are any current day similarities in our country or in our hearts.


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