Discipleship in Community

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Amy posted over at the Glorious Table this week. Enjoy!

Community is a buzzword in this generation’s Christian church. However, I believe that’s for an important reason. We were made to live in community. The first church in the Book of Acts was a community. We were created to be with others, not alone. Our creator put a craving for community and belonging within each of us.

Establishing Community

Community takes work. For those of you who are feeling lonely, which I’ve come to realize is so many of us, I would encourage you to take the first step. Yes, it’s hard and scary, but it’s also worth it. Yes, you may be rejected, but look to Jesus as your source of acceptance and try anyway.

Send the text inviting that friend to coffee, invite that couple over for dinner, see if you can meet that mom at the park with your kids. This is step one. Then you have to take step two: Dive in. Go deep. Be vulnerable.

I know, I’m giving you hard things to do, but if you remember who you are—an image bearer of the Almighty, deeply loved, made to be exactly who you are—then you can step out in his confidence if yours is lacking. Open up, share your story, be completely you. This can and should happen over time as trust is established, but if you’ve connected with someone multiple times and you’re still talking about the weather, you’re not diving in. Establishing community takes effort. It doesn’t just come on its own.

My husband and I moved thirteen times in our first fifteen years of marriage. A few of these moves were intra-city, but for the most part, we had to reestablish community every time. At first we were kind of terrible at it. We lived in Denver for two years early in our marriage, and it was quite easy to leave when we did. Aside from family, most of our relationships were relatively shallow. We hadn’t done the work. We hadn’t opened up or asked others to do so.

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