Creation Demands a Creator

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Amy is posting over at the Glorious Table today. See her post below.

Our world is such a beautifully broken place. Regardless of where we live, beauty is all around us, and the fingerprints of God are evident. I grew up in Texas, where it’s generally hot and flat, but beauty is in so many of its regions. East Texas is treed and lovely, huge tranquil lakes can be found throughout, and the hill country is a gem in the central part of the state.

God called my husband and me to Colorado in 2012, ultimately to plant a church. I don’t even have adequate vocabulary for the beauty that surrounds us here. A half-hour drive west puts us right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. They are stunning.

God’s Creative Restraint

As I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve learned more about what a creative God we have. I grew up with minimal emphasis on the arts, but I have since realized that God cares just as much about the arts as he does about wisdom and knowledge. This makes me fall in love with him even more.

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