Fringe believes in the generous use of church resources by intentionally giving and impacting our community. Both our 2018 and 2019 budgets include >25% allocated to giving, and we aim to hold that value into the future.

Ministries and Agencies Fringe Church Serves Directly:

– Jefferson County Prosperity Partners – JPP: JPP’s goal is to break the cycle of generational poverty in Jefferson County. Fringe Church has been connected to JPP since 2015 and serves families there in several different ways including teaching classes, directly supporting families with specific needs, Searching and Shopping events, and adoptions of families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more information about JPP, visit

– Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Wheatridge High School: – God has opened a door for Fringe Church to begin working in this public high school with FCA. FCA’s mission is “To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.” James co-leads a weekly bible study with a group of student athletes in one of the classrooms there during the lunch hour. We are also helping support Coach Dowd and the boys Basketball Team, attending practices and games, and looking to support and build relationships with these athletes. For more information about FCA, visit

– Power of Partnership:  “Jefferson County Power of Partnership (POP) is a group of stakeholders, faith based, government, non-profits and businesses, with an interest in improving the lives of people and the community in Jefferson County, Colorado, with a focus on vulnerable and underserved populations. The POP’s formation was instigated by the national Systems of Care initiative which encourages federal, state and local level coordination and cooperation around human services issues.” For more information, visit

Ministries and Agencies Fringe Church Supports Financially:

-SOMA: Fringe Church is a church plant connected to the Soma Family of Churches. “SOMA has a vision of gospel saturation…every man, woman, and child having a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed.” SOMA is deeply invested in the spread of the gospel, in practicing discipleship in the everyday stuff of life, and in the training and sending of healthy church planters throughout the world. For more information, visit

– Seed Company Bible Translation: “Seed Company is at the cutting edge of  bringing the Bible to people who have never had God’s Word in a language they understand.” For more information, visit

– Compassion International: Compassion is an international organization whose mission is “to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name”. They provide a wide variety of health and nutrition resources, personal support, education, and gospel teaching to children from hundreds of countries around the world. These efforts are supported by sponsors. Fringe Church presently gives monthly to support two children. For more information, visit

-IF: Gathering: For the last several years, the women of Fringe have gathered together for IF’s annual conferences. “IF:Gathering exists to equip women with gospel-centered resources, events, and community so they may learn more about who God is and disciple other women right where they are.”  For more information, visit