Are You Living Like You’re a Masterpiece?

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There are characteristics of God in each of us. We all worship. We may not worship God, but we worship something. We desire a purpose. The purpose may elude us or dishonor our creator, but the desire is there.  We all bear the Imago Dei. We were made in his image, and we reflect it to the world. We all were born to sin and struggle against sin throughout our lives. We all crave a sense of belonging. We yearn for a community where we can know and be known.

As I ponder why we spend so much time comparing ourselves to each other, I conclude it must have to do with the craving for the sense of belonging. We believe we must have commonalities in order to find community. Of course, it is easier to connect with others when we can find things in common. I’d suggest, though, that our friendships and communities would be richer if we placed more value in our differences.

I recently finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff, and he makes an excellent observation:

God doesn’t think any less of us when things don’t go right. Actually, I think he plans on it. What he doesn’t plan on is us putting a fake version of ourselves out there to take the hit. God is the master artist and made an original version of us, a priceless one that cost everything to create. A version that can’t and won’t be created again. He asks us to display that version of ourselves for everyone to see.

If we trust in the goodness of our creator and his ability to create, then we should have no fear in putting our genuine selves out into the world. 

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