I was born into a Christian home near Dallas, Texas. I came to know Christ when I was little and really solidified my desire to follow Christ in high school. I was raised in an Assembly of God church that really had a heart to seek God.

I chose to attend Abilene Christian University where my faith was really challenged for the first time. As a school affiliated with the Churches of Christ, my upbringing was significantly different than what my ACU environment was. It was a great time of studying and really figuring out what I believed for myself – really for the first time. When James came to school and we met, the studying continued. (And yes, there were arguments. But there was also making up.)

We were married in 2000 and attended primarily community or non-denominational churches for the early years in our marriage. When God called James into ministry, I didn’t have to think twice, I was in. When God asked us to move to Denver, I did have to think twice. Having been a born and bred Texan, I fully intended to raise my kids there. God had other plans, and he changed my heart in a nanosecond. There’s something amazing about being really sure you’re where God wants you to be. We feel that now, and we know it’s a gift.

We took the leap of faith to move to Denver, and our kids have thrived. We are so excited to see what God will do with Fringe Church. I picked up guitar when we moved here, and I love to worship. I look forward to leading our worship times until God brings along someone else. I also love really getting to know people. I’m all about skipping the small talk and jumping straight to the good stuff.

My hope for Fringe Church is that all would feel welcome. I want it to be a comfortable place where people are imperfectly striving to follow Jesus. Where new people who don’t know Jesus interact with the people of Fringe church and decide they want to know him, because they see him in us.